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Rooien Village

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





Rooien Village is a tourism destination located in the northeast of Iran. In addition to natural resources and cultural heritage, the dialect of local people is another reason that it attracts the tourists, who are interested in culture.

Rooien or Rooeen is one of the villages in Esfarayen County in North Khorasan. People of Rooien talk in Tati language, which is closely related to the Talysh. Even though very little is known about the date people inhabited there for the first time, its history is speculated to trace back to Timurid Dynasty. The history of the village can also be sought in a document that belongs to 833 AH. A person who was passing this region, has listed twelve villages one of which is Rooien.

With its moderate mountain climate, Rooien village is considered as a summer destination that has benefits from cold, and snowy winters. In summer the village is visited by people from cities around such as Bojnurd and Esfarayen. The village is located in the heart of a vast green plain. Its structure combined with fruit gardens is an example of the true meaning of a village.

Rooien is one of the few villages where, even today, one can see the workshops of Tanur or kilns, and industry of Kundsazi. However, the unique handicraft of Rooien is Chadorshab. This handicraft is still being made in its traditional form and by hand. Rooien is known as the birthplace of this craft. It was in 1389 SH that Rooien was registered as the first traditional textile village of Iran. The Rooien villagers have more than three hundred machines, and produce Chadorshab and other types of textiles such as Howleh (towel) and shawls.

Three hundred and fifty to four hundred people of Rooien are directly related to the handicraft of Chadorshab or other textiles. Production of the yarns, weaving textiles and selling them are all some of the professions that have been provided for the villages of Rooien by this craft. This is the reason that Chadorshab or traditional textile weaving of Rooein has successfully received the UNESCO award of excellence. More than one hundred and fifty square meters of textile are annually produced in this village.

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