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Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds





The town of Rab-e-Rashid also known as Abvab-Alber complex of Rashidiyya has been located on the Northeast of Tabriz. The historical core of this town had been made during the golden ages of Ilkhanid dynasty under the advisory of Rashid-al-Din Hamadani on the early 9th century. After Rashid-al-Din this great urban complex has been plundered and been confiscated. With the ministry of his elder son, Mohammad, he had ordered to reconstruction of ruined structures. When he was killed, the second wave of invaders had caused serious damages to the whole complex.

Anyway, with the rise of Chobanids, Malik Ashraf had brought up the renovation process of this town on the top. During the Jalairid Sultanate the western part of Rab-e-Rashidi had been used as a center of governmental until when Jhan Shāh, the leader of Kara Koyunlu dynasty, had removed it to the Sahib Abad. After recapturing Tabriz from Ottomans by Shāh Abbās the Great, he had chosen this place as a center of monarchy. The archaeological remnants of current site are mainly evidences for Safavid and after-Safavid constructions in which after flattening the previous remains, Tabriz's New Castle has been made during the next phases.      

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