Quri Qala Cave

Quri Qala Cave


Quri Qala Cave

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Quri Qala or Quri Qale Cave is located in the foothills of Shaho mountain range, twenty-five kilometers of Ravansar, on the way to Paveh, eighty-six kilometers to Kermanshah. Being registered as a natural heritage site in Iran, this water cave completely irrigates its near village of Quri Qale.

Quri Qala Cave is situated in the Zograos Rurandeh region and lime formation of Behistun. This cave, which is formed sixty-five million years ago, is twelve kilometers long and three thousand and one hundred and forty meters deep. It is located three thousand meters above sea level. The passage inside the cave extends through it from north to south.

The temperature inside the cave is approximately nine degrees of centigrade throughout the year. The chambers of Maryam and Kuhan e Shotor (camel hump) are located in the depth of five hundred meters, Namaz, Barrokh, and Bolur chambers are in the depth of one thousand meters, and the Chamber of Aroos is in the depth of one thousand and five hundred meters inside the Eshkaft, in Quri Qale. Being explored for the first time in the 1950s, this cave is one of the longest caves in western Asia. And in 1989, it was further explored by an Iranian team.

There exist some lakes and holes which are fourteen meters deep. Some limestone crystals and Stalactites have been formed in places where there is more humidity and waterfalls.

There are some historical signs from the end of the Sassanid Empire found in Quri Qale Cave. Eight silver plates with the eagle, crane, and partridge motifs in Uraman, Kermanshah, some pieces of potteries, and fifteen coins remained from Yazdgerd III period. Some words have been written in Pahlavi on plates and coins, too.

The findings of archaeology show that the Quri Qale Cave was the residency for the hunters during Stone Age.

A type of rare bat, Mouse-eared, and Yellow-spotted salamander live in Quri Qale, as well as the olm or Proteus (Proteus Anguinus), which has survived from two hundred million years ago when the dinosaurs lived. This creature can be found only in Slovenia.

Some animals, such as fox, rabbit, wild goat live outside of Quri Qale Cave. And, oak, mountain fig, mountain cherry, and wild almond are considered as the vegetation of this region.

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