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Pir-e Ghar Inscriptions

Pir-e Ghar Inscriptions

Pir-e Ghar Inscriptions

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Some of the main historical circumstances has been the scene of participation of all tribes, groups and all people of Iran. the role of Bakhtirai tribe in Constitution Movement and their victory over the minor dictatorship is one of these circumstances.

Deh Cheshmeh village in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province embraces one of the monuments related to Constitution age namely Pir-e Ghar Inscriptions. This historical work includes three inscriptions which were carved by the order of Zafar Bakhtiari, the commander, and Asa’d Bakhtiari, the commander.

Located on a rock in the foothill of Zagros mountain, these inscriptions have been written in Nastaliq and in some parts in Shekasteh Nastaliq (literary meaning the “broken Nastaliq”) describing the fights of the Bakhtiari commanders and Tribes against the dictatorship of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar and their influence on the events of Constitution.

Written in Sardar Zafar’s words, the first inscription mentions to the political conditions of Iran in time of Mozaffar al-Din Shah. In addition, this inscription contains the people’s situation and their demands in Tehran and Isfahan and the main events of that time including the singing of constitutional order by Mozaffar al-Din Shah.

In the second inscription, written in Sardar Asa’d’s words, after two verses of a poem, a summary of circumstances around Bakhtiari tribe over the power transfer from Ilkhani to Haji Ilkhani and the realm of the government of Bakhtiari have been mentioned.

The third inscription is located below the two and between them. The date of death of Sardar Asa’d in 1336 AH has been carved here. The story of removing titles by Reza shah in 1304 AH is also narrated here.

Besides this historical work, this region has many other natural attractions like springs, rivers, caves and the beautiful waterfall of Pir-e Ghar that is the host of many tourists due to its pleasant weather, especially in the spring and summer.

In order to see this beautiful region, you have to move to Deh Cheshmeh in the central part of Farsan city, 45 kilometers to Shahre Kurd. Deh Cheshmeh Village has apple, peach, almond and walnut trees and the corps like wheat, barely, clover and alfalfa. The natural honey, dairy products, dry goods, fruit and handicrafts like carpets and rugs are the main souvenirs of Deh Cheshmeh.

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