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Mud Volcano

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Mud Volcano is a natural phenomenon in which the muds reached to the surface from the underground like springs and takes the hill form.

Konark mud volcano springs are located on a flat surface on three small hills one of them is like a volcano which is currently active and the others are enactive now.

This phenomenon is the most important mud volcano in Markazi part of Balochestan region, which is known to be “Panag“. These phenomena which have been created during one of the important Morphological factors (to study the various natural forms on the earth’s surface) represent the Tectonic activities (a branch of geology that study the deformation of the Earth's crust caused by the stresses and strains incurred during different geological era) in this region.

The mud extruded from the hills is gray, pressed and cold, made of clay and marl, along with the gas and a loud sound like the bursting of a bubble which exit the pits flowing on the gradient of the old muds.

The periodicity of these rare and beautiful phenomena is about fifteen minutes associated with soil shake. This mountain surrounded by vast wilderness that, apparently, is the result of what happens on the pitch.

The correlation of this geological complication with oil and gas reserves has turned it into a particular phenomenon.

Methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and carbon monoxide constitute the gases of mud volcanoes.

Mud volcanoes are used in cases such as pottery, gas production, tourism, therapeutic mud. Now, some facilities are placed in the way to reach to this tourist attraction for the welfare of visitors.

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