Miami Miandasht Caravanserai

Miami Miandasht Caravanserai


Miami Miandasht Caravanserai

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There are many different caravanserais in Semnan province; the province that had been the host of one of the main highways of Iran located on the path of Tehran (Rey) to Mashhad. That is why many caravanserais have been built in this region. Miandasht caravanserais in the city of Miami, Semnan province, is one of these historical works that has returned to its previous function and become a residential center.

The complex of Miandasht caravanserai consists of three connected caravanserais; One of them was built in Shah Abbas I period and the two are related to Qajar reign.

Passing the Silk Road through Miandasht caravanserai made it prospered in the past, however, and in spite of the lower importance of the Silk Road in Qajar period, an increase in Mashhad pilgrims caused Miandasht Caravanserai to be extended by Qajar government. At first, Qajar parts were added to the east side of Safavid caravanserai, however, the space between the two becomes itself the third caravanserai, after a while.

Miandasht Caravanserai was the host of many famous people during history. For example, Henry Rene D’Allemagne, the French historian and art researcher, stayed here for a while and mentioned to it as the largest caravanserai on the path of Tehran to Mashhad. According to the report of Mohammad Hasan Khan Etemad-al-Saltaneh, the caravanserai had the capacity of 20000 passengers that looks exaggerated.

In addition to three caravanserais, there are also three cisterns, Chapar Khaneh (the post office in the past) and telegraph house in this complex. This historical complex has been inscribed on the index of Iran National Heritage. The last reconstruction and restoration of this complex has been carried out in 1374 SH.

Miandasht caravanserai is located in the midway of Tehran to Mashhad and can be a good choice for resting in this long path. It is placed about 40 kilometers east of Miami city and it is approximately 400 kilometers to Mashhad. It is now turned into a residential center. And you can enjoy seeing a night full of stars by staying in this historical complex.

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