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Malek Al-Tojar Traditional Hotel


Malek Al-Tojar Traditional Hotel

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Yazd is one of the popular tourist destinations of Iran. Its traditional houses, alleys, and streets have been preserved and have not been replaced by towers and highways, yet. House of Malek Al-Tojar is one of them and fortunately turned into a traditional hotel. It is located in Hashem Khan Alley and can be reached via both Ghiyam Street and Panjeh Ali Bazaar. It is very close to other historical sites such as Ab or Water Museum, and Hamam-e Khan.

House of Malek Al-Tojar was built by one of the merchants of Yazd during the Qajar dynasty. He was Haji Ali Asghar Shirazi, and was so successful in his trade that Naser al-Din Shar gave him the title Malek Al-Tojar. The house is built in an area of five hundred and forty square meters and is an excellent example of the traditional architecture of Yazd. During recent years, the house of Malek Al-Tojar has turned into a traditional hotel.

The building has three separate parts. One of them is dedicated to greeting the guests and has three-door and five-door rooms. The cambers of the servants are located in a separated part. The main part of the building was used by family members of Malek Al-Tojar. There are twenty-three rooms in this mansion.

The house of Malek Al-Tojar is very similar to the Narenjestan Mansion of Shiraz. This similarity was by the request of the owner. Malek Al-Tojar asked from a skillful painter to decorate the house just like Narenjestan Mansion. It took ten years for the paintings and decorations to finish. But it was worth it, as the result is very beautiful and after more than one hundred years, its value has raised more than before. Interestingly, each room has a unique design. For example, the Mirror Hall is decorated with mirror works in walls and ceiling.

Another attractive room is the Room of Adam and Eve. In addition to the Sash windows with colorful glasses, its ceiling has been amazingly painted like a Persian carpet. The Room of Yusuf and Zulaikha is decorated with mesmerizing paintings, too.

Today you should book in Malek Al-Tojar Hotel to visit this magnificent building. The hotel was opened in 1376 SH. Now a five-star hotel, it hosts the travelers who go to Yazd.

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