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Lounak Waterfall

Lounak Waterfall


Lounak Waterfall

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Iran has a unique environment. You can find very beautiful landscapes all over it. One of its many features is its mountain road that has an unmatchable charm of its own. The mountain – forest road from Deylaman to Siahkal is one of them. Lounak Waterfall is located along this road. This waterfall is actually formed by two separate waterfalls, each about twenty meters wide. Its height is about six meters, and its water eventually flows into Shimroud River.

During spring, the water of Lounak reaches its highest level which is quite natural. In this time of the year, two waterfalls join each other and add to the beauty of this site. On the other hand, it has the lowest water level during the summer.

Lounak Waterfall is located inside a forest and has very attractive surroundings. The forest has trees like Beech, Common Hornbeam, and Alder. The waterfall is located inside a valley and is a part of a river, which itself is another attraction of this region.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a professional climber or ecotourist to go to Lounak Waterfall. The path to it is made of steps, and some tourism facilities have been built close to it. Facilities such as bathrooms and piped water are available for travelers. Restaurants and gazebos have been built close to the river, as well.

Spring and autumn are known to be the best time of the year to visit Lounak Waterfall. It is during these times that it has the highest water level. In spring, you can also see colorful blooms and herbs. In autumn, you can enjoy views of forests in many shades. The lush nature around Lounak is pleasant during summer, too. In winter the region is usually covered in snow which creates very beautiful views. However, traveling there in that season is not as easy as the other seasons of the year. To go to Lounak Waterfall, you should first go to Siahkal in Gilan Province, and head to Deylaman from that point. After traveling for about twenty-one kilometers, you will reach the waterfall.

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