Khoshaku Ski Resort

Khoshaku Ski Resort


Khoshaku Ski Resort

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Khoshaku Ski Resort is one of the most exciting centers for winter sports lovers. It is in northwestern Iran. This complex is located in Urmia city, the capital of West Azerbaijan province. Khoshaku Ski Resort is currently the only ski slope in West Azerbaijan province, so it is welcome to the loads of domestic and foreign skiers in the cold season every year. It is worth mentioning that Khoshaku is also the name of one of the villages of Urmia city.

This complex is located about 30 km in the west of Urmia city in the Razhan where has a good climate situation. The area of this region is 50,000 square meters. This complex is one of the winter sports hubs in the north-west of Iran because of its heavy snowfall in winter. Khoshaku ski slope is at an elevation of 2800 m from sea level. 

The best time to visit the complex is in late autumn, and it is also possible to use its facilities throughout the winter. Shops that offer equipment and facilities to buyers and the experienced instructors who are ready to train applicants are examples of other facilities in this resort. In addition to snow, paragliding is also available here. Some people come to the resort to make snowmen and ride tubes. Urmia telecobin also connects Khoshaku ski resort to Kuh-e Sir (Sir Daghi). This complex is one of the popular recreational places for the natives of Urmia due to its proximity to the urban space. The mineral springs, spectacular green space, and safe environment there create memorable moments for tourists. A variety of restaurants, cafes, and hotels is available here.

The road to the resort is paved and smooth so you can go there by private car. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must equip your vehicle with tire chains and driving equipment for snowy weather, which sometimes makes the road slippery. Once you reach the complex, you can park your car in the parking lot. The Khoshaku ski resort complex is ready to serve guests on Thursdays and Fridays from 9 am to 4 pm. You can also visit the historical places, Church of Marseille, and Dzordzor Chapel (also known as the Chapel of the Holy Mother of God).

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