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Jame Mosque of Marand

Jame Mosque of Marand


Jame Mosque of Marand

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Jame Mosque of Marand is located in the center of Marand city. According to the stucco manuscript in the chambered room revealing the date 1106 AD, this building is the indicate of the oldest dated structure in Northwest Iran. Its sounds that this building had been being maintained during Abu Saeed Bahadur Khan's dominion with the annual taxes receiving from non-Muslim territories.

Wilber writes: "first, the chambered room with a square plan and three entrance had created during Seljuk dynasty. During Ilkhanid era this room had restored and decorated, then some bays had added on the north and west. Recently, the building has expanded to the east and a covered area has been created. In southwest, there is a minaret which probably is contemporary with the chambered dome. During the recent days the dome has been demolished".

The stucco altar of this mosque with eye-catching decoration has been considered among the stucco masterpieces in the world.

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