Izadkhast Caravanserai

Izadkhast Caravanserai


Izadkhast Caravanserai

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There is a historical caravanserai seventy kilometers north of Abadeh next to Izadkhast city. It is visible from the Isfahan – Shiraz Road. Izadkhast is a historical city and has some monuments that belong to the Sassanid and Safavid dynasties. You can go to Izadkhast city on your way from Shiraz to Abadeh. Inside the city, you can visit the castle and caravanserai of Izadkhast. This place is only one kilometer far from the center of the city. With only a fifteen-minute walk you will reach to the coast of the Izadkhast River and the caravanserai. During the time of Safavid, numerous caravanserais were built in different points of Iran. One of them is Izadkhast Caravanserai that was built during the rule of Shah Abbas I. This majestic building is over four thousand square meters. Once you stand in front of the entrance, you should look up to see a tablet on the portal. It is written in Thuluth in white over a blue background. It gives valuable information about the building.

In the four-sided yard, there are historical tombs with carvings on them. Then, you will reach the rooms around the yard. There are twenty rooms on the northern, southern and eastern side, every three meters in three meters. There is an iwan in front of each room.

The main room of Izadkhast Caravanserai is built on the western side. There are some rooms and one hall, with two iwans on its sides. Barrel vaults and pointed barrel vaults have been used in the structure of this building, the barrel vaults being added to it, later.

The floors of the rooms are covered with brocks, but the floors of the stables are covered with rocks. Bricks and rocks are used in the structure of the basement, and other parts are made of bricks. Izadkhast is one of four-iwan caravanserai of Iran. Interestingly, it was used as Gendarmerie office from 1324 to 1350 SH. This monument was registered in 1354 SH as a national heritage. Once you visited the caravanserai, head to Izadkhast Castle on the other side of the river. This magnificent building looks like a ship from far.

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