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House of Ahmad Ai Khan Hezar Jaribi


House of Ahmad Ai Khan Hezar Jaribi


Mazandaran is more famous for its nature, mountain, river and jungle, for its the Caspian Sea and the beautiful sand coasts. However, some of its cities has also a tied relation with history so that the value of its historical attractions is probably equal to the natural attractions. Behshahr is one of these cities located in the east of Mazandaran. The ancient caves of Hotu and Kamarband, Miankale lagoon and the protected area of Hezar Jarib, Sefid Chah cemetery, Abbas Abad Garden and Chehel Sotoon Ashraf Garden are other historical attractions of Behshahr. Emarat Spring is also here; wasn’t it once the summer capital of Safavid? So it must have historical monuments related to several hundred years ago.

90 kilometers after Behshahr towards the southeast- that is towards London- you will reach a historical-touristic village namely Sorkh-e Gariveh or Sorkh Geryeh that is placed in the district of Yane Sar in Hezar Jarib. This beautiful village with pristine nature and people who are mostly rancher, is considered to be the last village of Mazandaran located along the border line between Mazandaran and Semnan. It is one hour from this village and Damghan Cheshmeh Ali. These natural landscapes, being close to Cheshmeh Ali and the existence of the historical house of Ahmad Ali Khan Hezer Jaribi can make the village to be prospered and a proper place for developing sustainable tourism.

The building that backs to Qajar period was built in the same Qajar architecture style and gable roof that had been common in north of Iran; the roof is covered with clay and the façade of building is made of red brick. This rectangular building has two entrances in two sides that most of its decoration is located in the alcove with the motifs of painted flower and leaves and beautiful Orosis. The house was once residential, however, no one lives there today and it needs to be restored and repaired. It can be restored and rebuilt in order to prevent future damage and also this place is proper for a museum, café or ecotourism house.

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