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Historic Arg-e Gogad

Historic Arg-e Gogad


Historic Arg-e Gogad

Few Clouds

Few Clouds





The Historic Arg-e Gogad is located in Isfahan Province near to Golpayegan city. Being related to more than 400 years ago, this castle has been one important structure along the main route of caravans. In addition, a document has been explored from this place which indicates one half of the building had been gifted as a dowry to Alikhan’s wife by him and it is why the castle is also called Alikhani Castle afterwards.

Being surrounded by the forts, the castle has been used at both times of war and peace. Therefore, two main functions of this place include being used as a military fort and as a safe caravancerai for residence of the famous and rich merchants.

The building includes a square yard and four towers which have been extended in four sides symmetrically. The towers with approximately 12meters height have been used as monitoring towers. The class distinctions of that time is clearly observable inside building. So that, the merchants and grandees lived in the upper floors and the lower ones devoted to workers and livestock.

The alcove is placed above the north entrance and there exists a pool at the center. The guards of the castle used the water of pool for fire extinguishing in case of enemy attack and firing the entrance.

The building had been designed in such a way that they were able to detect the enemy attack and the possible danger with the aid of pigeons and other birds lived in the fort’s corners. So that, the birds that was tented to be silent started singing when enemy approached and therefore informed the guards of the possible danger.

The architecture of building also indicates some preparations for storing water and food in advance. In such a way that they placed a water well in southeast of the castle in order to use it in case of water unavailability.

The castle which was being destroyed, has been transformed into a hotel and residential complex where the travelers can use tea house, restaurant and the yard in addition to stay in 19 suites provided there.  

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