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Hayghar Valley

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Fars Province is quite known for its historical monuments. However, there are many unique natural features in this province, too, that are less known. One of them is Haighar valley. It is a magnificent valley that has earned itself the title of Grand Canyon of Iran.

If you travel to Haighar valley, you will witness amazing and raw views. It seems that this strait has initially formed by geological phenomena, and erosion, especially by the river that passes through it, has changed its form into its current condition. Hayghar valley looks like a large gap in a part of Zagros Mountain, through which Qareh Aqaj River runs. This strait is about eight kilometers long. Because of the river, you can enjoy boat riding during your travel to this site. However, proper equipment and a local guide are necessary.

Hayghar valley has many high rocks and very deep valleys. The view of its deep valleys from the top is a very exciting experience that has turned it into a destination for adventurous travelers. The joy of standing on the top of the strait is multiplied by the sound of chirping of the birds. But climbing the rocks needs caution and using proper equipment.

Haighar valley is not only a magnificent natural feature. When you visit this site, you are also stepping into a historical battleground where the Persian nomads fought the British Army. The formations of this land helped the Qashqayi nomads stand against and defeat the British Army.

To reach Hayghar valley, you will need to walk some parts of Zagros Mountain. The landscape of the valley from its top is breathtaking. The walking path is dangerous, especially if it is your first time visiting there. You will need to be accompanied by a professional group and a local guide. Because this site has a warm climate, it is best to visit it during spring, when all the land is covered in green plants, and the river is full. You can also enjoy pleasant cold weather if you visit there during summer. Hayghar valley is located four kilometers southeast of Firuzabad, in the province of Fars.

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