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Grand Aquarium of Bandar Anzali

Grand Aquarium of Bandar Anzali

Bandar Anzali

Grand Aquarium of Bandar Anzali

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Grand Aquarium of Bandar Anzali (Persian: آکواریوم بزرگ بندر انزلی) is the largest tunnel aquarium in Iran with a length of 40 meters. This Aquarium is located in Gilan province, Bandar Anzali city, and hosts visitors to watch the underwater world. Bandar Anzali is one of the most stunning cities in Iran and is also one of the most important tourist attractions in the north of Iran. This port city is very spectacular both in terms of urban planning and trade center, which well-known among the people of Iran. Besides, Bandar Anzali is a free trade-industrial.  The Funtastic Grand Aquarium of Bandar Anzali was established in 2017 and has led to an increase in the popularity and prosperity of this region. This aquarium has been constructed with very advanced facilities and a budget of several million euros.
This recreational attraction consists of two parts, an aquarium, and a reptile garden. Grand Aquarium of Bandar Anzali has provided a unique atmosphere for aquatic enthusiasts. There are more than 350 rare species of aquatic animals. Meanwhile, 200 species of aquatic animals from five continents are kept in Anzali Aquarium. The first part of the aquarium is known as the Amazon rainforest. This section enjoys stunning rivers flowing through the jungle with Amazon fish species, such as freshwater eagle rays, parrotfish, and oscar. In the next section, you will see the fish of the coral reefs, and then you will go to the sea cave. Attractive and beautiful fish of the Caspian Sea, including beluga and caviar, are waiting for you in the next section, and finally, you will visit carnivorous sharks. After these sections, you will reach the main part of the aquarium, the tunnel, the largest water tunnel in Iran. This 40-meter tunnel invites you to visit carnivorous fish in the first half, the first 20 meters, and in the last half to see herbivorous fish. On the second floor, a small space is dedicated to a collection of birds and reptiles. Here you can see species such as crocodiles, bird-of-paradise, iguanas, and macaw.
In the grand aquarium of Bandar Anzali, you can experience the pleasure of feeding fish. Reptile Gardens, bowling, multidimensional theatres, commercial and shopping areas, playgrounds, and suites around the complex also provide other facilities for recreation and accommodation. In the virtual reality cinema, visitors can travel to distant places, and in the store near the tunnel, there is a unique opportunity to buy souvenirs in Bandar Anzali. These include marine handicrafts, including oyster key chains and fish dolls. In the amusement park, you can also use a variety of video games and rally simulators.
If you visit the Aquarium of Bandar Anzali, you can take photos of the marvelous fish. However, it is not possible to use the camera flash in this space. Note that the camera flash causes severe damages to aquatic animals' vision and loss of sense of direction. This complex is open to visitors every day from 11 am to 10 pm and no tickets are needed for children under three years old. The grand aquarium of Bandar Anzali is located in Anzali city, Zibakenar road, Anzali free zone, trade, and tourism phase and is usually very crowded on holidays. Next to the complex, there is an equipped restaurant to serve guests a variety of seafood. If you go to Bandar Anzali, it is recommended to visit other attractions of this port city. Anzali Lagoon, Anzali Minare, Bandar Anzali Forest Park, Bandar Anzali Museum Palace, Anzali Fish Market can be named but a few.

Address: Fatehi Boulevard, Anzali Free Zone, Bandar Anzali, Gilan Province, Iran

Phone: +981334438596

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