Goor Dokhtar

Goor Dokhtar


Goor Dokhtar

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The building known as Goor Dokhtar is a monument like the Cyrus the Great mausoleum in Pasargadea in small size, which is located in the eastern heights of Tang-e Eram at the height of 1130 m above sea level.

The construction date of this building is related to Achaemenid era at Sixth century BC. In a sense, Goor Dokhtar is the first version of Cyrus the Great mausoleum.

There are some ideas about ordination of it to the Cyrus the Younger (the son of Darius II), Chish Pish or Cyrus I (the forefather of Cyrus the Great), Atusa (the daughter of Cyrus), Mandana (the mother of Cyrus) or the sister of Cyrus the Great due to the lack of any epigraphy on the Goor Dokhtar Monument.

The Goor Dokhtar monument has been constituted of 24 stone pieces in various size and cube form. The building of this mausoleum has been constituted as a Ziggurat building including three stairs-shape stony platforms and a burial chamber with mound roof and an entrance in the northeast on a stone platform.

There is a small pond and a fovea on the top of this tomb like a frame inside the room that probably was the place of inscription related to it.

No mortar used in the construction of this building and different parts linked by staples to each other. The remains of Ardeshir palace related to the Sassanid era are seen beside this mausoleum.

Goor Dokhtar Monument was repaired in the middle of 1380 decade.



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