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Ghaffariyya Dome

Ghaffariyya Dome


Ghaffariyya Dome

Clear Sky

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The Ghaffariyya Dome is located in the northwest of Maraghe city close to Sufi Chay river. In terms of plan, this building is mainly similar to the other oldest tombs in Maraghe and its decoration, specially the blind arches are so close to Gonbad-e-Sorkh's one. Andre Godard had marked the one pair of polo woods as the family sign of Shams Aldin Gara Songur who was the governor of Maraghe during Abu Said Bahadur Khan's dominion. Although todays the manuscripts have been damaged seriously, but Wilber had categorized the building to the Ilkhanid age after reviewing them.

The main structure of the dome including a square plan in which there is a Muqarnas facade in northern side. The staircase which had provided the achievement to the dome had been demolished. On the inner wall surface on the south, there is a blind arch as an altar and all surfaces are covered with gypsum including colored decorations

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