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Fandoqlu Grass Skiing Resort

Fandoqlu Grass Skiing Resort


Fandoqlu Grass Skiing Resort


Fandoqlu Grass Skiing Resort is one of the sport natural attractions in Ardabil province. It is located near the Fandoqlu Forest and is 25 km from Ardabil city. Exceptional nature and tourist attractions in Ardabil province are one of the eye-catching touristic areas in Iran. It has a clean and mountainous climate, beautiful plains like a piece of paradise, and the pleasant weather that you feel gentle breeze even in the middle of summer. This attractive collection can make a trip to Ardabil one of the most memorable experiences in your life, especially when we find countless opportunities for fun and excursions for every taste. If you love nature, Ardabil is the best option. If you love food, Ardabil traditional dishes are famous in the world. If you are looking for hot springs, Ardabil is the best host, and if you like luxury entertainment, here you will find everything.

Namin has a cold climate in the first half of the year and a mild climate in summer. This ski slope covers an area of ​​90,000 square meters. Every year, in the first half of the year, the Fandoqlu Grass Skiing Resort hosts grass skiing competitions, and large and small spiral competitions and speed skis are held in this complex. The first round of grass skiing competitions was held at Fandoqlu Grass Skiing Resort in 2014 and continues then. In recent years, the national grass skiing team camps select this resort as the best complex. Depending on the conditions, sometimes the winter ski competitions will be held in this complex. You can find advanced equipment and grass skiing facilities which are under the latest world standards.

The important thing is that if you decide to come to Fandoqlu and experience grass skiing in the beautiful Namin in the refreshing weather of northwestern Iran, a complete tourism package full of cultural, historical, and natural attractions of Ardabil province are available around Fandoqlu. These attractions include unique forest landscapes, spectacular waterfalls, roaring springs, rare flower plains, and numerous hot-water springs (Hydrothermal Springs). Meshe-Sui and Ali-dashi hot-water springs at a distance of 15 km and Shourabil Lake at a distance of 27 km are the most significant water attractions in this area.  It is enough to go to Namin via Ardabil-Astara road to go to the resort.  You can also visit other attractions such as the Heyran Gondola lift, Heyran road, and Heyran Carting track on this route. Bibi Yanlu forest park, 29 km from the Heyran Gondola lift, can be a good choice for an excursion. Among the accessible historical attractions, we can mention Ardabil Bazaar, which is adjacent to the tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili and the Ardabil Anthropology Museum or the Hammam Zahir Al-Islam and the Ardabil museum of archeology. It should be noted that with this collection of attractions that exist in this unique area, there is no concern about overnight stays. Here you will be hosted by several luxury and first-class hotels. Three of the most important hotels are located next to this resort. A variety of restaurants, barbecues, and fast foods will cater to all tastes in the vicinity of the complex.

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