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Fandoqloo Forest

Fandoqloo Forest


Fandoqloo Forest

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





Fandoqloo Forest is one of the tourism attractions of Ardabil province. Traveling to this forest is an opportunity to visit different flourishes of nature, from mineral springs, hot springs, chamomile fields, green mountains, grass fields, to even getting on gondola lift.

Fandoqloo Forest is located near Namin city in the mountainous area. There are many herbal species in the forest; hazelnut, hornbeam, beech and oak. The appellation of the forest is because of the frequency of hazelnut trees.

One of the best times to travel to the forest is late spring when the forest is covered by the white chamomile carpet. In the late spring, the hills and fields are completely white as a snowy landscape. Chamomile is a self-propelled flower and each year local people hold chamomile fest.

Heyran, the gondola fit, is another attraction of the forest. The gondola fit’s line starts from Heyran defile and crosses Fandoqloo Forest.

Fandoqloo Ski Resort is the other attraction of this place for those who are interested in ski.  There is also a lawn skiing resort in mountainous district.

Meshesuyi, the hot spring, is located in Fandoqloo forest, but to arrive there you should take a walk.

Fandoqloo Forest is 10 km far from Namin and 30 km far from Ardabil, the capital city of the province. To access to this beautiful place, you ought to go through the road between Ardabil and Astara, you will see the sign of Fandoqloo Forest after 30 kilometers. There is another road to access from Heyran defile for whom are interested in riding gondola fit.

Estil lagoon of Astara, Latoon waterfall, Sooha lake, Emerald waterfall and Espinas mountain are the other natural attractions near Fandoqloo forest.

Fandoqloo forest is a district about 25 square kilometers. It’s now a safe haven for many species such as brown bears, common pheasants, martens, golden eagles, wolves, foxes, wild boars, rabbits, partridges and red deer. Red deer population is under sever protection program in Fandoqloo forest. Some environmental activists believe tourism activities harm the forest and local species because Fandoqloo Forest is the only wide forest in the area.

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