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Eynolrashid Caravanserai

Eynolrashid Caravanserai


Eynolrashid Caravanserai

Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds





There are many small and big caravanserai built all over Iran and mostly along the Silk Road. A major part of this road passed through Semnan. This province is now the host of numerous caravanserais that each has its unique characteristic. Eynolrashid is a historical caravanserai of Semnan Province located close to Kavir National Park. Eynolrashid Caravanserai is one of the three buildings in the marginal parts of the Siahkuh. It is not very far from the famous Ghasre Bahram caravanserai. In the past, there were some Ab Anbars close to Eynolrashid, and the tank of the biggest Ab Anbar was next to the caravanserai. Eynolrashid Water Spring is a bit further close to a hill next to the caravanserai. It has turned into a water source for the animals of this part of the Kavir National Park.

According to some experts, Eynolrashid is one of the caravanserais that were built during the Safavid era by the order of Shah Abbas I. Another group of experts believes it was initially built before the time of Safavid. Unfortunately, a big part of the caravanserai has gravely damaged and most of the roof has fallen.

Alfonse Gabrielle, an Austrian tourist, and physician traveled the distance between Markazi Desert and Khorasan on his journey to Iran. He has mentioned the Eynolrashid Caravanserai in his book titled Traveling the Desert of Iran and describes it as a valuable building.

Since there is little distance between the caravanserais of Eynolrashid and Ghasre Bahram, you can visit both of them in one trip to Garmsar. Ghasre Bahran is larger and in better condition in comparison with Eynolrashid. Historical roads of Sangfarsh and Ghasre Haramsara or Haramsara Palace are other tourist sites of this region.

Eynolrashid Caravanserai is located south of Garmsar in Semnan Province. This building was registered in 1334 SH as a national heritage of Iran. You will need a license from the Department of Environment to visit it. But an easier way is to go there by a tour in Iran and enjoy visiting this historic and natural complex in the heart of the desert.

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