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Darkesh Tourism Area

Darkesh Tourism Area

Darkesh Tourism Area

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Northeastern Iran is one of the unknown parts of Iranian territories. North Khorasan, the province, despite the pristine natural heritages is still unknown. There is a promenade in Maneh & Samalqan district which is called Darkesh.

Darkesh is an area with beautiful natural landscapes located in 30 km far from the southwestern of Ashkahneh town and Darkesh River cross through. The area’s name is loaned from the name of the neighbor village. The climate is woodsy and mountainous and is famous for running springs.

The element which makes Darkesh famous is an Oak forest. Oak forests are so rare in the eastern Iranian territories. In addition, there are many gardens and the herbs plantations in Darkesh area. Darkesh is a safe haven for wildlife.

The vegetation of the area and the animals are not the only natural attractions, there are waterfalls and the rivers too. Recently, Darkesh became the destination of mountaineers because of Aladaq Mountains with 2455 meters height which located in the southern part of Darkesh village.

There is a prosperous bazar in Darkesh village full of different local souvenirs, garden harvests such as walnuts, almonds, cherry, pear and honey. The main reason of prosperity and freshness of the area is Darkesh River which flows through the valley. The upspring is located in Yamandaqi Mountains which flows and irrigates the farms and gardens around, it passes through the valley and runs to the downstream villages.

Spring is the season of herbs and medicinal herbs. Some herbs like Thyme, Kakooti and Astragalus make people to depart to the mountains, forests and grasslands to gather herbs.

People of Darkesh are Kormanji, one of the branches of Kurdish people and the only Kurdish tribe in eastern Iran. There is an old citadel near the village which is called Qezlar Qale’ (Virgin Citadel).

The biodiversity is rich in Darkesh valley, you can find the traces of bears, wolves, leopards, wild goats and one of the wonderful deers of the world which is called Maral in Kurdish. Marals are the red deers and so rare in Iran, especially in the eastern territories.

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