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Choghakhor Lagoon

Choghakhor Lagoon

Choghakhor Lagoon

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As an international and beautiful wetland, Choghakhor Lagoon is located in Borujen County of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. It is a land close to the city of Baldaji and sixty-five kilometers from Shahrekord. Choghakhor is a lagoon spreading over an area about two thousand and three hundred kilometers. It is two thousand and one hundred meters above the sea level in the foothills of Kuh-e Klar or Klar Mount.

Depth of this lagoon is less than three meters. Water of Choghakhor Lagoon originates from springs such as Sibak, Tang-e Siah, Zeverdegan, Avorgan, Sakiabad and Galu Gerd. The water resources of the wetland are mainly supplied by rainwater and springs on the margins of Klar Mount.

Some of the activities that have been possible because of Choghakhor Lagoon are climbing, birdwatching, fishing, boating, biking and photography. There are cultural and residency buildings positioned close to the lagoon around the village of Avardgan from Gandoman District of Borujen County that host the tourists and visitors.

Animals such as species of boar, jackal, beech marten, fox, wolf, rabbits, and species of fish like zebra cichlid, Barbel, Medusafish, common carp, Redmouth grouper, silver carp, narrow-barred Spanish mackerel, and finally reptiles like snakes, sea turtle, monitor lizard and frog inhabit the lagoon. However, Gambusia or toothed carp fish is the unique species of this region.

This region benefits from temperate climates and cold winters and is one of the rural areas of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. From autumn to spring thousands of native and migratory birds live and make their nests in this wetland each year. Birds such as geese, ducks, ruddy Shelducks, white storks, coots, herons, grebes, cormorants, flamingos, rails, Ibises, plovers, large white-headed seagulls and many more hunting birds can be found in Choghakhor Lagoon, which makes it a popular site for birdwatching.

About twenty-three species and sixteen families of plants have been identified in Choghakhor Lagoon, amongst which willow tree can be named.

Access roads to the wetland are possible through the asphalted roads of Borujen, Naghan and Shahrekord, Naghan on the east and northwest side and the cold paved roads of the marginal villages on the west side on the southeast side of the wetland.

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