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The Cave and the Spring of Time of Hour

The Cave and the Spring of Time of Hour


The Cave and the Spring of Time of Hour

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Dorud is located east of Lorestan province, on the slope of the Baba Hoor in the Zagros Mountains, near the Oshtoran Kuh. Having high mountains, beautiful valleys and rivers such as “Caesar”, the city is full of natural attractions, including Gahar Lake, Ab Garmeh Waterfall, Bishe Waterfall Falls, The cave and the Waterfall of Time of Hour.

To the south of Dorud there is a mountain called the "Pariz", named for its impassability and lack of proper routes to the summit. The word "Pariz" was “Parhiz” means to avoid and not to go named "mountain of abstinence" and because of the plurality of use of the word, it changed to "pariz" during the time. It is surrounded by beautiful or magnificent valleys and it has Oshtoran Kuh in the neighborhood.

One of these valleys is called the Gahar Rood Valley, which flows the water from Gahar lake into the Caesar River. The fault activity in the Gahar Rood Valley has produced fascinating phenomena - such as a variety of caves, wells, springs, waterfalls, beautiful Niga valley and large pieces of rock known locally as "Koru Girl" - that increase the beauty of the area.

One of the most interesting phenomena is the cave and the spring of Time of Hour on the slope of the Pariz Mountain. There are two ways to reach this cave and fountain. You can go there using heavy vehicles such as Jeep, Land Rover through the mountain road to the south along the railway. Crossing the villages of Cham Chit, Chenar and the spring of Koulian village, after three hours of hiking you reach the cave and waterfall. Another way is to take the local train to Dorud - Andimeshk, which runs everyday evening from Dorud to Andimeshk. Get off at Cham Chit Station. You can walk one hour reach the spring of Koulian Village.

After hiking and climbing beside the south wall of the cave, you will reach a cave that is seven meters wide and twelve meters long. The cave is about forty meters deep and there flows clear blue water that originates at the bottom of the cave. At the bottom of the cave and from the ceiling which is fifteen meters high, a cascade falls to the bottom of the cave. There is some interruption in the sound of the water, and sometimes, as the water cuts off and the sound of water drops trickling creates pleasant resonance in the cave. Sometimes, with the water flowing, or just moments before the water flows, a terrifying sound comes out of the cave. It is Due to this connect and disconnect that this cave is called Time of Hour. The reason for this happening is not exactly known, but some studies show that this waterfall acts as a siphon! After the water fills the tank (which may take several hours depending on the season), it is discharged suddenly within fifty minutes.

Having clean water and the surrounding scenery, this cave and fountain is a pristine sight of the city of Dorud. Due to its difficult road, travelers and tourists must either be hikers or equipped with mountaineering equipment. Registering this work in the national heritage list requires government-sponsored infrastructure that will hopefully be credited for this important work.

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