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The Bird Garden of Isfahan

The Bird Garden of Isfahan


The Bird Garden of Isfahan

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The Bird Garden of Isfahan

The Bird Garden of Isfahan (Persian: باغ پرندگان) is one of the fantastic attractions of Isfahan along with several thousand historical sites of this city. In this place, a very stunning and safe space is provided for those who are enthusiastic about animal species. Visitors are able to see each bird closely in its simulated habitats to its original place of life. Without any doubt, the reconstruction of spaces with this diversity requires a large area. Therefore, land with an area of 55000 square meters has been dedicated for this purpose. In addition to the Bird Garden, other sections such as Isfahan Aquarium, Reptile Garden, Telescope, and Bicycle Path have also been prepared. In fact, the Bird Garden is located in an eye-catching forest park in the west of Isfahan, called Nazhvan park. This park is also blessed with a river, making a spectacular view as the river flows.

The first part of the Bird Garden, located just after the ticket office, is enclosed and covered by a chain-link fence. This large net is fixed on metal pillars and has created a roof about 22 meters high for this part of the garden. This roof is installed in only one section to prevent birds from escaping. In this garden, 4000 birds from different countries such as Australia, Indonesia, China, and Tanzania have been gathered. Due to this reason, we encounter different types of animal habitats in every corner of this park:

  • Birds such as duck, pelican, flamingo, and swan need a waterfront to live. These birds are called waders. In the Bird Garden, many beautiful ponds have been built for this group. The largest one is located in the center of the garden, not enclosed in a net.
  • Some birds are not adapted to the cold and dry weather of the winter in Isfahan and cannot endure these conditions; These birds include different species of parrot, toucan, and lovebirds. For this group of birds, sufficient space is provided in very clean glass cages with advanced ventilation facilities. These cages are something like a greenhouse and protect the birds from cold weather.
  • Naturally, birds of prey such as falcon, eagle, owl, and vulture cannot be left free in the garden. There are also some special metal cages for them.
  • Another group of birds like partridge, see-see partridge, and quail are accustomed to living in a desert and rocky climates. They also have adequate space in the Bird Garden of Isfahan. For them, a rocky part is prepared to survive in their nature.
  • Some other fantabulous birds such as peacocks and pheasant need a garden and forest which green spaces are provided for them here.


In different sections of the Bird Garden of Isfahan, there are specific places for visitors to relax. These places, in the form of alcoves, provide a situation that visitors can spend their day as a picnic or by purchasing take-away food. Near the Bird Garden, the Isfahan Aquarium Tunnel introduces 6500 different aquatic species, such as shark, to visitors in an exciting and welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, by entering the west of Isfahan and Nazhvan forest park, you can visit the nearby Reptile Garden. In this marvelous place, you will find a variety of reptiles. Indian and African python, boas, and the two-headed snake can be named but a few. The Bird Garden is situated after Vahid Bridge, along Nazhvan park, before reaching Sohrevadri (Simin) street. To visit the Aquarium Tunnel and Reptile Garden, you should pay a separate entrance fee.

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