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Bilankuh's Tombs

Bilankuh's Tombs


Bilankuh's Tombs

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Bilankuh also known as Vilankuh is one of the Tabriz's neighborhoods. The fame of this neighborhood to "Bilankuh" is derived from the several tombs related to famous characters buried there. Bilankuh's tombs have always been considered extremely important since the tomb of Akhi Sad-al-Din (the great mystic of 13th century), Kamal-al-Din Masud Khujandi (the famous poet of 15th century), Kamal-al-Din Behzad (the well-known painter of 17th century) and others are located there. According to the investigations it sounds that Bilankuh has aged for one thousand years.

The distance between this neighborhood from the historic fabric of Tabriz has proposed this theory that Bilankuh was a simple village nearby Tabriz during 10th and 11th centuries which connected to the city parallel to the next extensions. During Ilkhanid era, the foundation of educational town of Rashidiyya had improved its importance. From this viewpoint, the 14th century is the splendor age of Bilankuh. The various and valuable specimens related to different ages is a proof for the viral role of this neighborhood in Tabriz historical fabric. The attention of famous characters of 14th century caused the construction of their tombs and convents remaining till now there.      

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