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Bekhradi’s Historical House in Isfahan (Traditional Hotel)

Bekhradi’s Historical House in Isfahan (Traditional Hotel)

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Nothing but nostalgia can save the contemporary human’s spirit from unsafety and distrust; a symbol and essence of the past without any pain that only kept its happiness and enjoyment. Many artists and craftsmen use this aspect to satisfy their audiences. 

Even imagining a moment of relaxation in the rooms that are decorated with color of the past and the memorable bricks, materials, windows, curtains and porches is sweat and pleasant.

Morteza Bekhradi, the best-known professor of Conservation and Restoration Historical Monuments, used this feature of the modern man in 1379 SH, restored and rebuilt the historic 400-year-old caravanserai and house of Bekhradi in five years and finally prepared it for those guests who are interested in the historical spaces.

Bekhradi Historical Mansion, the memorial of the early Safavid empire, is related to the eleventh century AH and placed in Sonbolestan district of Isfahan.

Morteza Bekhradi believes this house to belong to one of the astrologists in Safavid period. Based upon the Safavid architecture style, the designs and motifs depicted in the interior spaces are simple and nave and at the same time authentic and creative.

Like other contemporary buildings, Bekhradi house has a porch in the middle, two alcove halls on north and south parts and two porches on east and west parts.

The complex is among the rebuilt Safavid mansions that are currently transferred into the hotel. The necessary needs of the passengers like the bathroom, WC, bedroom with convenient and traditional beds, kitchen, yard and the reception have been considered in reconstructing operations.

In spite of hard work for rebuilding and prosperity of this mansion, it is not deservedly known even among the residents of Isfahan.

This historical house includes twelve rooms, two alcove halls and two yards, interior and exterior; stucco and mirror work along with the traditional furniture that have made this house a memorable space for those who are interested in the original and traditional atmosphere.

Bekhradi Mansion with 700 square meter area is located in Shohada Street, Ibn-e Sina Street, in Isfahan.

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