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 Behesht-e Gomshodeh (Bostanak Canyon)

Behesht-e Gomshodeh (Bostanak Canyon)


Behesht-e Gomshodeh (Bostanak Canyon)

Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds





Bostanak canyon protected area is a place largely covered with forests, water and mountains located in the watershed Davarzan's dam.

Bostanak canyon is a lush and beautiful valley, a part of the central Zagros Mountains in the east leads to Dena Mountain and known as Behehsht-e Gomshode (Lost Paradise) due to its beautiful and eye-catching natural area.

Bostanak canyon had local and regional reputation in the past and was the summer area of Kamfiruz and Beyza parts.

Favorable climatic conditions, low natural waterfalls and abundant water flowing from the mountain springs in the valleys, the bedrock of the valley, which is the habitat of various plant species, as well as region-specific animal species, are the causes of the great importance of Bostanak canyon in terms of tourism.

The geographical location of this natural area and its locating in the north and northwest roads of the province and possibility of connection with Persepolis monument, Naqsh-e Rostam and Pasargadae, on one hand, and natural landscapes of Margon waterfall and Boraq canyon, on the other hand, as well as amenities in Behehst -e Gomshodeh are the special privileges of this area. There is another village known as Dashtak that is one of the other tourism regions in this area.

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