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 Bahramgor Conservation Area

Bahramgor Conservation Area

Bahramgor Conservation Area

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Hearing the name “Bahramgor”, the most who know Persian recall the Khayyám’s well-known quatrain (Ruba'i):

And Bahram, that great Hunter–the Wild Ass

Stamps o’er his Head, and he lies fast asleep

The name “Bahramgor” is reminiscent of Bahram V, the Sassanid king whose name is tied to the hunting of Persian onager and he is also mentioned in literature such as Shahnameh (The Book of Kings) by Ferdowsi, Nizami’s Haft Peykar also known as Bahramnameh(The Book of Bahram), Hasht-Bihisht(The Eight Paradises) by Amir Khusrow and of course art. Bahramgor was fond of hunting onager and legend has it that his death occurred while hunting Persian onager.

Situated in the east of Fars province, the valuable Bahramgor Conservation Area is now four hundred and fifty kilometers to Shiraz and it is located in the road Shiraz – Kerman. This area, which borders the Fars and Kerman provinces, is located northeast of Neyriz and its distance is one hundred and twenty kilometers from the city.

This area, which borders the Fars and Kerman provinces, is located northeast of Neyriz and is five kilometers from the city. Being vast, Bahramgor Area has been declared as a Conservation area since 1351 SH.  It covers an area of more than forty thousand hectares, including the Qatruyeh National Park. Some areas which are more secure and important, are Conservation by the name of Qatruyeh National Park with a higher degree of protection since 1368 SH.

This area is unique and its natural features and diversity of vegetation make it a great place to live for lots of animals, as it combines desert, lowland and mountain features.

Its height ranges from one thousand four hundred meters above sea level and it reaches two thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven meters. The weather is hot and dry with a two hundred mm rainfall, although it has been affected by drought in recent years.

This area is well known for its Persian onagers. This species is in danger of extinction and they can be only found here and in Turan National Park in Semnan province.

Bahramgor Conservation Area in Neyriz was also a living place for Asiatic cheetah. There live other valuable animals here live Caracal, Bustard, Pleske's ground jay.

Wild goat, goat, Ovis, wolf, Jungle cat, Chinkara, Caracal, fox, and Hyena can be found in this area. Partridge, Bustard, See-see partridge, Sandgrouse, and Bird of prey are inhabitants of this area.

In Bahramgor Conservation Area, there are also remnants of some aqueducts and old castles such as Karsefid, Shourou, Bahramgor, and Dehbarin. There are also some caves in the mountainous area which the most famous is Ali Valiollah.

Of course, it should be mention that as this area is a Conservation one, permission is necessary to visit this area and Qatariya National Park, which is issued by the Iranian Environmental Protection Agency.

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