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Asiab Kharabeh Waterfall

Asiab Kharabeh Waterfall


Asiab Kharabeh Waterfall

Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds





Asiab Kharabeh, literally meaning ruined mill, also known as Kharaba Deyirman, is located in the province of East Azerbaijan, along the Marand – Julfa route. The reason for its naming is the remaining of old mills that can be seen in some parts of this site. Asiab Kharabeh can be found next to the railway bridge to Nakhjavan, five kilometers from Minjanabad and close to Alvan village, and also close to the border between Iran and Azerbaijan Republic on the coasts of Aras River.

Asiab Kharabeh is a name attributed to the water spring, waterfall, river and road located in this land. Asiab Kharabeh River is a drainage system that feeds from Aras River.

Asiab Kharabeh was once a mill that is now ruined and vacant. It was ten meters tall and spread over an area as big as two hundred square meters. Asiab Kharabeh Water Spring originates from Kiamaki Mountain. Fig trees have grown in great number all around the water spring. The summit of Kiamaki Mountain is more than three thousand and four hundred meters tall. Valleys of Khor Khoreh, Marzeh and Kalriz are positioned around it. Asiab Kharabeh and Kiamaki Mountain are both parts of Aras Geological Park.

Asiab Kharabeh Water Spring is a trough that feeds many waterfalls of Asaib Kharabeh, and then flows into a deep valley. There are many big and small waterfalls that add to the beauty and wonder of this area. The walls of the waterfalls and megaliths on the right side of the valley are covered with lichens and moss and green and emerald water plants. The stone walls, the trees and the water canals resemble the traditional Iranian paintings as if they have been recreated and are moving right in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Following the efforts of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, the mill has been repaired and restored. It is now functioning symbolically and grinds wheat into flour. Some products are made from this flour and are provided to the buyers. Even though Julfa has rather warm weather, Asiab Kharabeh is cold during spring and summer. Visiting this site can create the most memorable experiences.

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