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Armand River

Armand River

Armand River

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Located in the path of humid winds of Mediterannean systems, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari has good rainfall. Although it constitutes only one percent of Iran’s area, it contains ten percent of water resources of the country.

Being known as one of the tourism attractions of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtirai province, Armand River embraces both the beautiful landscapes in its margins and one of the most important rafting sites in Iran. The river that is full of water originates from the eastern heights and central plains of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtirai province and passing through Armand region and joining Sar Khun and Bazoft rivers, flows finally into Karoun 4 Dam.

The exciting sport of rafting is in fact boating on the roaring water and it is one of the examples of sport tourism. One feature of this sport is ranging the rivers from 1 to 6 based on the extent of being roaring in which number 1 implies the calmest river and number 6 the most stormy river. Arvand river with about 15 kilometers length is considered to be 2.5-4 that is proper for both elementary and advanced boating.

Although boating lovers come here in all seasons of the year, the spring is a more exciting season for this sport. However, for those who experience it for the first time, summer is better.

As the starting point for rafting tours, Darreh Yas village has an equipped camp with 1200 square meter area considered for tourists to stay and use. Two separated dormitories for men and women provide all the needed facilities for this short trip. There is also a space for being familiar with the culture, nature and local rituals in this eco-tourism complex.  

Ecotourism is defined as the responsibly visit of natural regions in order to enjoy nature and understand the cultural features linked to it. This visit improves the protection of natural resources and provides a context for economic and social benefit of local communities.

Armand pristine environment along with a diverse vegetation such as oak and jujube trees makes an unforgettable memory for nature lovers.

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