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Anubanini Rock Relief

Anubanini Rock Relief

Sarpol Zahab

Anubanini Rock Relief

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Anubanini petroglyph and inscription is a historical symbol that belongs to the people known as Lullubi and Simurrums, who lived in Zagros Mountain range almost 5000 years ago. 

This rock relief is situated on a megalith, Miyan-kal, at a height of thirty meters above the ground. In the inscription, the name of the mountain, on which the petroglyph is carved, is mentioned as Padir. Standing in front of Inanna who has captivated two other men, Anubanini puts his left foot on the chest of a man, in this rock relief. Wearing a jacket, a belt, and footwear, the king of the Lullubi hold a spare and a bow in his left hand and an ax in his right hand.

Inana is extending a ring in her right hand and in her left hand, she is holding a spare. At the bottom of the inscription; there are 6 other captives which next to them, there is an Akkadian language inscription. It is written in the ancient inscription:

Anubanini, the mighty king, king of Lullubum, erected an image of himself and an image of Goddess Ninni on the mount of Batir. The one who would damage the monument and his next two generations would be cursed by Anu, Anutrum, Baal, Blit, Raman, Ishtar, Sin and Shamash. This historical inscription was damaged by about thirty percent during the Iran-Iraq war.

Below this petroglyph, there exists a petroglyph of Parthian king riding a horse. He has worn a short dress and loose pants. He is holding the horse tether with the right hand and in front of him, an elder is standing who is offering a flower to the king. In the left corner of this relief, there is an inscription on which it is written in Pahlavi: this is Goudarz, the Great King, Son of Giv.

Regarding the word Sarpol, the researchers believe that it is derived from the Greek word “Zagrop-Polis. To confirm the historical value of this land, it could be referred to Rawlinson, who considered Hulwan (an ancient town that nowadays identified with the village of Sarpol-e Zahab) as one of the eight ancient cities in the world. However, Anubanini rock relief accompanied by Aidin Sin petroglyph are situated in Sarpol-e Zahab, one hundred and twenty kilometers to Kermanshah.

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