Bazangan lake

Bazangan lake


Bazangan lake

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Bazangan lake "also called Gol Bibi in the native dialect” is located on the top of Kopeh Dagh, 130 km from the Mashhad-Sarakhs freeway, and 70 km from the city, Sarakhs, in Khorasan.

The area of ​​this freshwater lake in Khorasan is about 80 hectares. Bazangan has a width of about 500 meters in the wide part, and its maximum depth is about 12 meters. It is the only natural lake in Khorasan that has risen 850 meters above sea level. The opening of this cave is less than 1 meter. Bazangan cave has three paths inside. Two of which are soil and smooth, and one path is water that leads to the lake. In some parts, the roof of the cave is the home of bats.

Lake Bazangan is a warm home for migratory waterfowl and shorebirds from near and far lands that take refuge from the cold of autumn and the scorching heat of winter. The color of Lake Bazangan is azure, which indicates the amount of salt in its water. However, salmon and 33 species of algal phytoplankton grow and live in Lake Bazangan.

Leopards, boars, hyenas, wolves, foxes, feral cats, rams, goats, and deer can be found among the fauna of Lake Bazangan. Hunting birds such as hawks, eagles, and vultures can also be seen in the sky. The native fish of Lake Bazangan is native to Iran. Carp species can also cope with the ecology of the lake. From the vegetation around Lake Bazangan, you can find plants such as juniper, pistachio, barberry, chicory, nightshade, and astragalus.

Sarakhs has several caves around it, some of which are called Mozdooran caves or Mazdavand. Although the Kargazi or Karaks cave has been recently discovered 6 km southwest of Bazangan village in Sarakhs. This ancient historical cave is about 45 thousand years, and ancient relics of cave life have been found in it.

Bazangan village, which was founded during the Qajar period, is a historical fortress.

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