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Asalem to Khalkhal


Day 1

One of the most beautiful roads of Iran, especially in summer, is a road which begins from Asalem in Gilan and reaches Khalkhal in Ardabil. Although the road is still narrow and it takes time to cross, rather than the standard ones, the road recently restored and now it’s ready for vehicles.

If you are in Gilan, you ought to come to Asalem, a city between Talesh and Pareh Sar. If you start your trip from Astara, it’s better to visit Estil lagoon, Lavandvil Forest Park and Lisar fortress, on the way. If you prefer adventure and excitement, Talesh Rollercoaster is the best choice. A rollercoaster located in green foothills of Talesh Mountains. If you start your trip from Rasht, there are some attractions on your way; Rudkhan Citadel in Fooman, Masuleh a stair village, Poonal Qajar Bridge in Rezvanshahr County, Visadaar waterfall in Pareh Sar and Gissom beach. Gisoom Forest Park is one of the rare forest beaches of Caspian coastal line and the last opportunity to bid farewell to Sea in order to depart high lands.

On arrival Asalem, follow the signs of Khalkhal till a direction to the southwest, a mountainous road with green forests and fresh air, it’s known as Asalem-Khalkhal Road.

While you get distance from the lowlands gradually, humidity decrease and you feel better. There are some wooden cottages on both sides of the road with delicious Kebabs, Tea and forest fruits.

Most times of the year even in summer this road is foggy. Don’t forget to turn vehicle’s lights on to have a safe journey. Your goal is to be in nature embrace to enjoy, so don’t haste. There are some tiny parking lots next to the road, stop the car and enjoy the freshness of mountainous clear air.

On arrival to Khalkhal, it’s better to have Qimaq Asal (kaymak and honey) for breakfast. You should eat Kebab in a mountainous landscape for lunch, too.

If you want to back to Tehran or southern and western cities, It’s better to follow Sarecham direction, it finally reaches Zanjan-Tabriz Highway. If you want to travel more in Iran, you can depart to Ardabil and after crossing Heyran defile and Astara back to the coastal line of Caspian Sea.

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