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Around Hezar Masjed

Around Hezar Masjed

From Bojnord to Sabzevar

Located in northeast of Iran, the Hezar Masjed Mountain gathers around itself several beautiful cities and we are going to visit all of them during a 5-day journey.


1st Day

The beginning of your travel is from Bojnord, close to Golestan National Park. Interesting among Bojnord attractions are Baba Aman Park, Besh Qardash Monument, Sardar Mofakham House and Espakho Fire Temple which indicate a highly enjoyable travel for you. There exist other cities as Chenaran, Shirvan and Farouj on your way to the next destination, Quchan.


2nd Day

Spent your night in Quchan and go for the Ethnography Museum in the morning. Robat Sahl Abad and Shazdeh Bath are among this city’s attractions. Then, leave for Bajgiran; a city coterminous with Turkmenistan, at the zero point of the border, and near to Eshgh Abad.

You probably know Bajgiran by its edgy bazar where Turkmen and women sell the colored fabrics and handwoven rugs. The city had been the passage of travelers along history. The old storerooms of customhouse in Dolatkhane Village are among the travel heritages in this edgy city. It is suggested to spent your night in one of the rural houses of Shamkhal Village in order to have enough time for visiting the beautiful Shamkhal Valley.


3rd Day

Go for Dargaz and Kalat in the third day of your travel. Dargaz will be your host with Tandoureh National Park (protected Area) and Chehel Mir Park in the entrance of the former. If you are interested in the history and ancient sites you must be surprised with Bandian Site Museum.

Then move to Kalat-e Naderi. This is here that you are entering the realm of Hezar Masjed; a city with a name related to Nader, the Afsharid king. In addition to the Khorshid (the sun) Palace and Nader Dam, Ghara Su Waterfall is also among its attractions. It is better you to spend your night in Kalat and leave it for Nishabur tomorrow morning.


4th Day

On your way to Nishabur, you can stop by Mashhad and depart for the city of turquoise rocks after visiting Iamam Reza Holy shrine. Not only turquoise but also Attar, Khayyam and Kamal al-Molk Mausoleums are also placed in this wonderful city. Chubin Village and the Ancient Site of Shadiyakh are other Nishabur attractions. Now, there is about 1hour way left up to your last destination, Sabzevar. You can stay night in Nishabur or leave it for Sabzevar.