Fellow Traveler of Eastern Zagros

Fellow Traveler of Eastern Zagros

From Yasuj to Arak

1st Day

The suggested way for this travel starts from Yasuj and finishes in Arak. However, you can go on the travel to the road of Ahvaz-Yasuj.

Being located in the neighborhood of Zagros Mountains and Dena Mountain, Yasuj is considered to be a cold region and it has been used as an up-country region from the past. Enjoy yasuj and visit Tange Mehrian, Yasuj Forest Park and Tange Tamoradi Waterfall, then you can leave Yasuj for Sisakht.

You are entering the protected area of Mount Dena while approaching Sisakht; It is the closest city to the 4350-meter pick of Hozdal within Dena Mountains. And staying here for night will be a really enjoyable experience.



2nd Day

On the second day morning you can leave Sisakht for Gandoman, Baldaji and Shalamzar and plan for a night stay close to the Isfahan border. Interesting attractions you will see in the second day are Siasard Fountain located in 5km of Borujen, Choghakhor Lagoon in 40km of Boldaji and Gandoman Lagoon.


3rd Day

The next destination is Shahr-e Kord, the capital city of Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari Province, located in 100km southwestern of Isfahan. Dropping by this city, don’t forget to try the local cookies as Kakoli and communicate with the mellifluous people of the city. You can stay in one of the ecotourism houses of the city for night to become familiar with the lifestyle of people.


4th Day

The fourth day of travel in the eastern margin of Zagros Mountains is dedicated to cross the road of Shahr-e Kord to Fereydunshahr. There exist two paths for reaching Fereydunshahr, both of which are in the same distance as 140 km. Poshtkoh Jungles are located in the west of the path and “Tang Sayyad” National Park is also located along the road. After arriving at Fereydunshahr and staying there one night, the travel will go on toward Golpayegan.



5th Day

Golpayegan is famous for its special Kebab and local dairy. So, don’t concerned with your breakfast and launch there. During your excursion into Golpayegan you can visit Minaret, Bazar and Mosque. If you are interested in historical sites, you can stay night in Arg-e Gogad where has been transformed today into an ecotourism house.

You should stop by Golpayegan and Gogad surroundings and also you can meet Khomeyn. Khansar with its best known honey is also nearby. You can even visit the greenhouses in districts.

When the night will arrive you will be in Arak and your travel in the eastern hillsides of Zagros will also end.  

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