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      • Tah Chin-e Morgh (Golden Crusted Saffron Rice Cake)

        Tah Chin-e Morgh (Golden Crusted Saffron Rice Cake)

        Tahchin is literally translated as “tah” meaning ‘bottom’ and “chin” meaning ‘to layer’. Tahchin is a gorgeous Persian rice...

      • Khoresh-e Qeimeh (Yellow Split Peas Stew)

        Khoresh-e Qeimeh (Yellow Split Peas Stew)

        Khoresh-e Qeimeh is another delicious Persian classic dish, made of lamb, tomatoes, yellow split peas, and dried lime....

      • Sabzi Polo Semnani

        Sabzi Polo Semnani

        Nourishing and spicy local foods of Semnan province are affected by climate conditions, the culture and the lifestyle...

      • Abgoosht (Dizi)

        Abgoosht (Dizi)

        One of the traditional, very delicious, and popular Iranian dishes is called Abgoosht (Persian: آبگوشت, [Âbgušt]). This food has other names such as Shoorba, Dizi, or Piti. Abgoosht is a combination of water, lamb, legumes, potato, and condiments.This nutritious, energetic, fatty, and delicious food has a long history. Not only this food has rich nutritional values. It is worth knowing that despite its benefits, cooking is also simpl

      • Akbar Joojehn New

        Akbar Joojehn New

        The emergence of a new food sometime returns to a special place or person and remains in the life of the people for years, the story of Akbar Joojeh is one of these foods. A food which introduced as the food brand in the northern region of Iran and export across the country due to the people’s interest to it. Akbar Joojeh is a delicious Iranian food that its name is taken from Haj Ali Akbar Kalbadi, who is known as the founder of Akbar Joojehh restaurant in Mazandaran.


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