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      • Khoresh-e Qormeh Sabzi (Fresh Green Herb Stew)

        Khoresh-e Qormeh Sabzi (Fresh Green Herb Stew)

        Qormeh Sabzi is one of the most famous Persian stews which a true food heritage of Iran. It...

      • Morasa Polow (Jeweled Rice)

        Morasa Polow (Jeweled Rice)

        The sweet festive dish of Persian tradition is often served at weddings to bring sweetness to the wedded...

      •  Ash-e Doogh

        Ash-e Doogh

        Ardabil is one of the coldest cities in Iran featuring several traditional and local foods compatible with the...

      • Qeime Nesar

        Qeime Nesar

        Qeime Nesar is one of the most popular foods of Qazvin province, which has been spread in all...

      • Ga


        Gaz is a special pastry from Isfahan, Iran, which is recognized as the intellectual property of \"Gaz of Isfahan\" by UNESCO.


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