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  • Vakil Historic Bath

    Vakil Historic Bath

    Being the most famous historic bath in Shiraz, Vakil Bath is among the buildings constructed in 1187 A.H....

  • Reza Abbasi Museum

    Reza Abbasi Museum

    Reza Abbasi Museum was opened in 1356 S.H. in front of Electronic College of Khaje Nasir Toosi University...

  • Holy Shrine Museum (Astan-e-Moghadase)

    Holy Shrine Museum (Astan-e-Moghadase)

    In 1314 S.H. a building in the name of museum was constructed in the west side of feminine...

  • Ebrat Museum

    Ebrat Museum

    One of the most political and dreadful museums in Tehran is the Ebrat Museum (Persian: موزه عبرت) in the National Garden of Tehran. The contemporary history of Iran has been full of ups and downs, but the events that took place in prisons have marked the darkest page in Iranian history.

  • Achaemenid Museum (Persepolis Museum)

    Achaemenid Museum (Persepolis Museum)

    The current location of the Museum of Achaemenid or Persepolis is somehow one of the oldest buildings that...


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      Persian Foods

      • Chelow Kabab Koubideh (Ground Beef Kebab)

        Chelow Kabab Koubideh (Ground Beef Kebab)

        Kabab Koubideh is the queen of all kebabs in Iran and one of the most delicious Persian foods. The...

      • Sholeh Zard (Saffron Rice Pudding)

        Sholeh Zard (Saffron Rice Pudding)

        Sholeh Zard is a sweet Iranian dessert made of saffron, sugar, almond flakes and rice. This high-calorie dessert...

      • Shole Mashhadi

        Shole Mashhadi

        Razavi Khorasan is one of the most important religious provinces in Iran because of the existence of Imam...

      • Tabaheg


        In addition to a long history, unique civilization and native cultures, the four season province of Sistan and...

      • Adas Polo

        Adas Polo

        Adas Polo (Persian:عدس پلو) is one of the most popular foods in Iran. The aromatic Iranian rice along with a good taste of lentils and other ingredients used in this food brings unparalleled pleasure to guests


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