Kohgiluyeh and Buyer-Ahmad Province
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Yasuj in the "Markazi" part of BoyerAhmad city is located in Kohgiluyeh & Boyer- Ahmad province beside the Beshar River at the height of 1831/5 meters above sea level.

Yasuj in the northeastern of the province is among oak forests and in a cold climate region with a temperate climate tended to be cold. The range of rain and snow is high in this city.

Boyer Ahmad consists of four parts named "Markazi", "Ludab", "Margon", "Kabgian", five cities and 11 rural districts.

As one of the main nomads living places with beautiful nature, Yasuj is one of the tourist cities of Iran. One of the main tourist attractions of this city is Yasuj beautiful and famous waterfall. Agriculture and animal husbandry constitutes a major part of the economy of this city.

In general, existing industries in the province are divided into two groups of manual and mechanical. Polymer pipe production is important in Yasuj industry, however, the industrial and mining activities are not very prosperous in this city compared to the other parts of Iran. Extracted oil and gas from Kohgiluyeh & Boyer-Ahmad region is one of the major sources of oil and gas production in Iran.

Since, Yasuj is the capital of Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad province and most industries in the province are located around the city, the labor immigration to this city is a usual phenomenon. Most of Yasuj people are Lur and they speak in Luri dialect. The religion of people is Shia.

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