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Manjil is a city in Gilan Province which is mostly known for its wind turbines and some knows it as the land of wander winds. The distance between Manjil and Rasht, the center of the province, is approximately 75 km and it is located in the way of Ghazvin-Rasht highway, 10 km far from Rudbar.

The power of wind in summers and springs is more than it in the second half of the year. The city is placed at a crossroads where three different climates meet each other: the temporate climate of Caspian Sea, the mountainous climate of Alborz and the arid climate of the center; therefore, it is placed in the unique climatic conditions. in terms of wind blow conditions the government dicided to establish a wind power plant in 1370s SH.

Another characteristic of Manjil, along with the wind turbines, is the dam of Sefid Rud. Shahrud and Qizil Üzan rivers meet togather in this place and the water of the constituted river is collected behind the Sefid Rud Dam. This water is used for the agriculture and electricity generation. Sefid Rud Dam was established in the beginning of 1340s by the aide of French experts.

The lake of Sefid Rud and its wind turbines make together an interesting landscape you can watch it from Ghazvin-Rasht highway. In addition, the combination of the lake and wind turbines depicts a beautiful frame for the photographers. The coastal park of the lake of Manjil Dam provides a suitable location for watching the interesting landscape of the lake and the power plant.

One of the important attractions of Manjil is the termal spring of Mastkhor placed in a village with same name. Keleshtar village has also some roaring springs. The rock wall in Manjil can also attract the lovers of the exciting sport of rock climbing.  

Many locals travel to Maljil from the surrounding villages in order to provide their required items and trading is one of the main ways of living in this city. Moreover, cultivating olive and making its products are the other part of economy in Manjil.

Shami Rudbari is among the most famous local foods here in addition to Baghali Ghatogh, Tosh Tareh and Mirza Ghasemi. There are many stores in Manjil selling different kinds of olive and its products, cookie, garlic pickle, pomegranate sauce and etc. that you can buy them as Manjil souvenirs.


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