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Khodabandeh is a city in Zanjan province, 88km far from Zanjan city, the capital city of the province. Khodabandeh is among the highest regions of Zanjan where the height of some parts reaches more than 2000meters.

This city was formed in 1348 S.H, and it currently includes four counties, seven cities and eight rural districts. According to the 1390 census, it has a population of 169553. People speak in Turkish language and their religion is Shia’ in this city.

The climatic conditions of Khodabandeh are totally semi-humid and super-cold. However, given to the difference between the height of different parts of the city and the existence of ups and downs, the weather is not equal in all parts.

Sojas and Sohrevard are among the oldest cities of the province to which in the history books and itineraries has been referred. Sojas is among the tourism attractions of Khodabandeh city where the green pastures, beautiful fountains and flowing river of Sajarud have been placed. Golabar dam is also located in this city.

The central mosque, the historic cemetery of Sojas martyrs and the shrine of Hazrat-e Qeydar Nabi are among the other attractions of this city. This building is the mausoleum of Qeydar, the Ishmael prophet’s son and Ibrahim prophet’s grandson, which was built in 8th century A.H. two stone inscriptions are in this building and six volumes of a historical Quran are among the other cultural properties of this mausoleum.

Katale Kbor cave near Garmab city is among the most famous tourism natural attractions of Khodabandeh city and one of the most attractive caves in Iran. the cave is also called Khorshid (sun) cave that was formed 120,000,000 years ago. The first scientific excavation in this cave was carried out in 1365 when a group of experienced cave trekkers of Hamedan province visited this place.

At present, this cave is divided into three sport, recreational and cultural parts. the sport sector is devoted to the cave and rock trekkers. In the second part, about two kilometers path has been designed for public visit. And finally, different events are held in the cultural sector.

Zarrin cave is another special cave in Khodabandeh city near Zarrinrud village. This cave has been recently discovered.

Carpet weaving is among the main handicrafts of this city. Afshar carpet which is produced in the Afshar region of this city is also exported abroad, too.


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