East Azerbaijan Province
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Shabestar is one of the fertile and green regions of Azerbaijan, located 68 kilometers away from the northwestern Tabriz, along the road of Tabriz to Salmas as well as the Tabriz-Turkey railway. Mishou mountains placed along the Qara Daq mountain range cover the whole northern part of the city just like a wall. 

Districts: Central, Anzab, Sufian.

Related cities: Tasuj, Soufian, Sharafkhaneh, Sis, Shabestar and Khameneh. 

Historical and Tourism Attractions of the City 

The Grand Mosque, Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari Mausoleum, Gift Museum in Kameneh, Sohraqeh Church, Mujumbar church, Tasuj Grand Mosque, Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani Historical House in Khamaneh, Arbabi House in Dizaj Khalil, Til Arbabi House, Historical Bathhouse in Tasuj, Sheikh Ismail Sisi Mausoleum, Kalantar House-Garden, Professor Rahmanzadeh House and historical houses in Pir Baghcheh in Kameneh, Daneshvari Bathhouse. 

Natural Attractions: Mishoudaq, Sarkand-e Dizaj Waterfall, Ghoom Tappa Desert, Amand Dam, Urmia Lake – Sharafkhaneh Port, Plane Tree in Khameneh, Shabstar Peach Gardens. 

Top Tourism Regions: Sharafkhaneh Port and Mishou Hillsides. 

Villages which are Tourism Destinations: Dizaj Khalil, Daryan, Almaas, Andabil, Shanejan 

Garden Products: Walnut, Peach, Almond, Sour Cherry 

Handicrafts: Ceramic 


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