Ghalieh Mahi


The local and traditional foods of southern regions have a crucial position in Iranian food culture and many of these foods constitute the routine meal of them. There are many different foods relevant to the warm and humid conditions in the southern regions of Iran. Living in the unbearable warm and highly humid areas needs particular healthy meals to compensate the harmful consequences of the weather in which fish is a highly beneficial foodstuff. The warm water in the South is a good source of providing fresh fishes for cooking delicious foods. Ghalie Mahi is one of the most famous traditional yummy and highly nutrient food the which is greatly popular in the South; It is cooked by the same method anywhere in Iran .

In fact, Ghalieh Mahi is a kind of spicy Khoresh in which fish has an important role. In order to prepare a good Ghalieh, we can use mackerel or any other fishes in the southern region of Iran with little bones like Thorny cheek, Tigertooth croaker, Stripped piggy , Threadfin, Black Pomfret and even sometimes shrimp along with vegetables such as, coriander and fenugreek, onion, pepper, turmeric, garlic, oil and tomato paste. Tamarind is also added in order to make a sour taste. Ghalieh Mahi is usually served with rice; however, you can eat with some bread. The Ghalieh Mahi delicious taste, aromatic smell and good appearance arise from the vegetable and garlic.

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