Ghonbid Abgoosht - an Iranian stew


One of the local cuisines in Qom province is Qonbid or Qonbit Abgoosht coming from Qomnabit which means Nabat (rock candy) produced in the city of Qom. The climate and weather in each region have a great impact on the cultural habits of people and nature is in fact one of the key factors in forming costumes and traditions. Qom province which is located in the central desert of Iran with dry climate is not an exception. Abgoosht is among the very popular and lovely foods in Qom. So that they cook different kinds of this food through diversifying its materials and recipes. A main problem in Qom is that their water is salty which influence residents’ health in long term. That is why citizens try to include healthy foodstuffs in their diet in order to reduce the negative effects of salt water solutes on their body. One of the most beneficial vegetables for health is kohlrabi which is frequently used in some Qomi meals. It helps cleans kidneys and it is the reason why Qonbit Abgoosht is also called Qomi kohlrabi. The first step for making Qonbit Abgoosht which is a kind of stew is frying onions with additives and tomato sauce and then adding meat. Now it is time to add beans and hulled wheat. You need to soak the two in water in advance. Then, add the kohlrabi which have already been peeled and cut into small pieces. Add the required amount of water and a little dried lime to make it tastier. In some recipes, adding potato is also suggested in this step. Qonbit Abgoosht is typically served with Iranian Sangak flatbread or other homemade breads which are abundant in Qom. Qom people are used to eating yogurt, vegetables and various kinds of pickles with this food. If you travel to Qom, do not miss tasting this stick-to-your-ribs cuisine, in addition to visiting Fatemeh Masumah Shrine and Jamkaran Mosque. 

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