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Wonders of the pearl of the desert of Iran

Wonders of the pearl of the desert of Iran

Possibly, all you remember of Tabas is its famous sand storms you have seen in some low-quality photos. But the truth is that Tabas has many wondrous features yet to be discovered and visited. My first image of this city was the same before traveling there. That is why I decided to stay there for half a day on my travel from South Khorasan to Tehran. Little did I know that many great tourism destinations of this city are going to prolong my visit. Despite my two-day visit to Tabas, there were still many places I had not been to. But I had to leave anyway. So if you are planning to go to Tabas, it is better to stay there at least for five days, and if you can’t stay that long, enjoy this two-day trip plan



Day 1, Journey to the depth of the history, Esfahak Village

It will take about ten hours to reach this village if you are going from Tehran to Tabas. But if you are traveling from southern cities to Tabas, you do not want to miss Esfahak Village, thirty five kilometers south of Tabas. Once you enter the village, you will feel like you have entered a time tunnel leading into the depth of history. There are houses made of straw-clay, small oil lamps put in corners of the alleys, and a starry sky, so bright and clear that it seems your head is going to touch them. If you are tired, you can go to Lamkadeh, an old house whose tasteful owner has turned them into a teahouse and present their traditional products. You will always remember the taste of the bread and yogurt of this house. There are some tourist houses in this village that have been popular between the visitors. The people of the village are eager to tell you stories. Amir, an energetic young man, tell me about the works of the villages and the support of an architecture teacher for restoring the village, which has fortunately been done by keeping the original texture of the city and has also created new jobs for the younger people. You can stay there for one night and continue your trip the next morning.

روستای اصفهک


Swimming in Natural Water Springs

Your entrance into Tabas will be a memorable one, as you will be amazed to see a green and lush village right in the heart of the desert. You can walk the streets of the city until you grow tired. Then you can go to Cheshmeh Morteza Ali about forty kilometers from Tabas. After taking many steps into the depth of the valley, you will reach a shallow river in the bottom and enjoy its cold water, which surprisingly turns warm in some points. After a two-hour walk and watching unique landscapes, you will reach the beginning of the hot water spring. You can swim in the pool at the beginning of the spring. Then you can continue your walk toward the up of the river and see the walls of a mountain where water with different temperature flows.

A little further, you will see Tagh Abbasi Wall that seems to be built at the time of Shah Abbas to control the flow of the water. The wall has been built at the narrowest point of the valley like a dam, except that a small opening has been built on the lower parts of the wall, so that if the water level was at its level, water would easily pass through it, and if it was higher than the opening, it would prevent a ?. This creative structure is still functional today. On your way return, you can enjoy delicious Ash (a kind of porridge) of the local sellers.

دیوار طاق عباسی




Day 2, tea brewed by fire in the tents of nomads

Golshan is the name of the most famous garden of Tabas. Palm trees, sky-high trees and a river that runs through it, make it even more beautiful. It is futile to talk about the joy of visiting this garden. You can enjoy one of your most pleasant periods of sleep under the trees of the garden.

باغ گلشن



Kal Jeni Valley

Kal Jeni Valley is located one kilometer of Dikako. You will notice its palm trees and a small river. The river will gradually turn into a lake. Kal Jeni Vallet is an unrepeatable wonder of Tabas. There is a grand hall built in the walls of the valley and it seems that the Zoroastrians went there to perform some of their religious rituals. You may want to spend some hours at this location.

دره کال جنی



Rice farms in the heart of the desert

The next destination is Halvan Desert, a sea of sand dunes with a magical atmosphere. You do not need to worry if you do not have a suitable off-road vehicle. You can also enjoy riding on the side of this desert. In this land, you will see date trees and rice farms right next to each other, which can show the diversity of the plants that grow there.


کویر حلوان

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