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From Walnut City to Shah Abbas Palace

From Walnut City to Shah Abbas Palace

Semnan, Shahmirzad, Kiasar, Sari, Behshahr


Day 1

There are some routes in our country that are spectacular in all seasons of a year; they welcome you each time with different landscapes. In this trip you will go to one of these routes that start from Semnan and ended in Mazandaran.

From Semnan ring road enter the road of Kiasar toward the north and reach Shahmirzad, that has one of the largest gardens of walnut in the world, after passing through Mahdi Shahr.  After an excursion into the spectacular autumn of Shahmirzad and buying the high quality walnut and dry goods, proceed to Foulad Mahalleh. 


Enjoy your existence in one of the most attractive mountainous roads of Iran; after passing through Foulad Mahalleh and reaching the Telma Darreh three ways, take a visit to the colorful springs of Badab-e Surt. These staircase colorful springs are one of the most wonderful attractions of Iran, however, it is not easily accessible due to its hard road. It is suggested to park your vehicle in Badab-e Surt parking and use the local cars that are always prepared there.


After returning to the three ways of Telma Darreh, proceed to Kiasar. You can stay one night in Kiasar or continue your way to stay in a hotel near Soleiman Tange Dam.


Day 2

Enjoy a day of sightseeing around the beautiful lake of Soleiman Tange Dam. Boating and water sports, visiting the head of dam and walking over it, and picnic along the lake are all possible entertainments in this region that probably take your time from the noon. Another name of Soleiman Tangeh Dam is Shahid Rajaei Dam. 

Proceed to Sari and reach Behshahr after passing through Sari ring road. Behshahr is one of the beautiful and clean cities of Mazandaran that has been remained safe from construction’s damages due to its location far from the sea.

مجموعه عباس آباد

Behshahr is one of the historical cities of Iran where you can visit Mellat Park and Emarat Spring. The last point of this trip is the lake of Abbas Abad in the heart of Abbas Abad Jungle in Behshahr. A lake formed in one of the unique gardens of Iran. you will be surprised with the complex of Safavid buildings such as bathroom, palace, water mill and water control valves along with the wonderful autumn nature, the appearance of the lake and the building that is placed in the center.

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