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Travel to Iran’s Venice

Travel to Iran’s Venice

Ahvaz, Shadegan

There is an astonishing village in Iran where the alleyways are full of water and people use boats for moving from one house to another. When the door is open you can see a wide water channel in front of the house and they are accustomed to the water.

You have to go to Khuzestan in order to see this village, that is famous as Iran’s Venice. In addition to roads and regular flights to Ahvaz and Abadan, you can use the south railroad to reach Khuzestan, too. If you choose to come here by train, you will enjoy the beauties of Zagros and based on your choice, the last station can be Ahvaz, Abadan or Khorramshahr.

Your travel starts from Ahvaz. After visiting Karoun and Bahmanshir and off course having a perfect food in Lashgarabad district of Ahvaz, proceed to Abadan road. In the middle of the road when you reach the Darkhovin three ways, change your way to Shadegan; our destination is Shadegan city and its famous wetland.

To reach Shadegan wetland, stop in Sarakhiyeh village before Shadegan city. It is about 110 kilometers from Ahvaz to here.

Sarakhiyeh is the same water village of Iran that you have been searching. You can rent a boat and go to the wetland. In the first minutes of boat riding, you can see the people’s houses on both sides of the channel and children who are playing in front of the house, shaking hands for you.

There are many local birds in this wetland to which the migrating birds are added in the second half of the year; interesting among them are marbled duck, red-breasted goose, white-headed duck, curlews, and white-tailed eagle. Other attractions of this wetland are fishing and harvesting forage boats and buffalos suspended on the water.

Shadegan is one of the international wetlands of Iran that was considered to be the largest wetland in Iran in time of its registration in the International Convention of Ramsar.

This wetland plays a vital role in the life of people in this region and harvesting the forage, breeding buffalo, fishing and harvesting straws are the main sources of income for people.

Tourism and especially birdwatching has been a new source of income in recent years; therefore, it is recommended to have at least a meal next to the wetland.

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