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From Semirom to Sisakht

From Semirom to Sisakht

Isfahan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad

Day 1

Have you ever heard the name of Semirom apple? Do you know where Semirom is? If not, we have a summer trip recommendation to the cool and high level water regions.

Semirom is one of the highest cities of Iran, a city with good weather which is located in the south of Esfahan Province on the border of Kohgiluye and Boyer-Ahmad Province. Semirom is famous for its high quality fruits and one of the famous waterfalls of Iran which has a high level water. Semirom waterfall is about 40 meters in height and pours down from a rock near the city. Municipality of Semirom has built a vast promenade below the waterfall. This promenade gets crowded during the hot days of summer.

After visiting Semirom, it’s time to depart to the second waterfall, Aab Malakh. In order to reach this waterfall you ought to route to Yasuj direction, but the waterfall is located in 50 kilometers far from Semirom. On the Two-Ways Junction of Meymand & Bibi Seyedan, before arriving Ghorreh Bridge, exit to Aab Malakh Village. You will arrive there about 7 kilometers. Park your car in the village and take an hour walk to waterfall. Your walking path crosses beside a high level water river, this river is one of the upsprings of Marboreh River. The appellation of the waterfall Aab Malakh ( Grasshopper Water) is related to the period in which people use the water of spring to kill the grasshoppers invaded to the farms and gardens. Maybe the mineral quality of the spring make the grasshoppers die. The other name of the waterfall is Takhte Soleyman (Solomon Throne), there is also a spring with the same name there.

To settle here it’s better to have a tent or rent a rural house.

Day 2

Continue the route in the main road, Isfahan-Yasooj, by crossing Pataveh before arriving to Yassoj, exit to Sisakht. Sisakht is one of the coldest cities of Iran which is located in foothills of Dena Mountains. Dena Mountains comprises high summits more than 4000 meters in height. Sisakht is the entrance to climb one of these summits which is called Howzdal.

Bijan defile, Mishi spring, Koohgol Lake and Koohgol Waterfall are the natural attractions of Sisakht. Fortunately during these years many tourist camps have been built which make you feel comfort.

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