Popular Attractions

Popular Attractions


Vank Cathedral

Vank cathedral or Amena Pergic , the largest and most beautiful cathedral in Isfahan’s Julfa, one of the historical Armenian cathedrals, was established in the Shah Abbas II era in the lands of Zereshk garden in 1605; it was extended continuously during 50 years and finally reached to the current form. The plan of the cathedral is rectangular and its direction is eastern-western. The interior of cathedral presents a sample of Armenian architecture and its exterior facade has been designed by use...



Imam Reza Holy Shrine

Imam Reza’s (PBUH) holy shrine is the biggest, most important and prominent religious center of Iran that consists of the most features of Persian-Islamic architecture that many pilgrims from Iran and all around the world go to this place every year. Imam Reza’s (PBUH) holy body buried in the Hamid Ebn Ghahbe garden beside the grave of Abbasid Khalife Harun with the martyrdom of Imam Reza in 203 AH in Tous and in fact, the first building of this holy shrine was the Harun Alrashid monument then t...