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New Destinations from a Usual Beginning

New Destinations from a Usual Beginning

From Isfahan to Yazd


1st Day

You have probably passed the route of Isfahan to Yazd several times and meet closely these two famous cities. However, this time we are going to take you to cities and villages you may have not seen before.  

Isfahan attractions are needless to say: Zayandehrud bridges and Safavid heritage in Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Then let’s leave Isfahan immediately for Anarak. But we should visit Naein before arriving at Anarak. Narin Castle and the Ethnography Museum of Naein inside Pirnia House are among Naein attractions. The Central Mosque of Naein which is known as Alavian Mosque constitutes a part of old texture of the city along with the historic bazar. It is suggested to get yourself to Anarak for a night stay.

Located in 220km of northeast of Isfahan, Anarak is a city with the appearance of adobe houses and windward on their roofs.


2nd Day

The next destination in the second day is Khur. You can enter the heart of Kavir-e Mesr before arriving at Khur and be the gust of Mesr Village at the center of Iran. Kavir trekking lasts about one day; so, plan to arrive at Khur for night


3rd Day

Up to now you were moving from west to east, but now you have to turn west again. Garmeh Village is placed in your way. A village with famous desert and palm trees. After that, you can visit Mehrejan and Bayazeh villages, too.

The next destination is Kharanaq. If you arrive at this city in night, it is better to stay, otherwise you can go on up to Ardakan.


4th Day

Go for Pir-e Sabz or Chak Chak Temple, see the Central Mosque of Ardakan and Arjanan Caravancerai. Meybod is nearby; a city famous for Narin Castle, Caravancerai and central mosque. Don’t forget to visit Ziloo Museum in Meybod. Ziloo is one of the main Iranian handicrafts which has been inscribed on UNESCO list.

There is not a long way left up to Yazd. Now you are at the center of Amir Chakhmaq Square. Try the sweet Yazd cookies and if you have been tired of excursion into Fahadan, you can eat a Yazdi Faludeh (a sweet beverage containing starch jelly in the form of thin fibers) to get refreshed.