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From Lahijan Cookies to Migrating Birds

From Lahijan Cookies to Migrating Birds

Rasht, Lahijan, Langarud, Kiashahr


Day 1

We want to see the autumnal Gilan in this trip. It starts from Rasht to which the train has recently reached providing an easy access for passengers.

There are many attractions in Rasht; from Sabzeh Meydan and municipality walk to the house of Mirza Kouchak Khan Jangali, pavilion mansion and Mohtasham garden inside the city and the Museum of Rural Heritage, 20 kilometers far from the city.

It is at least one day needed to visit the city. Don’t miss the delicious cuisines of the city that will be a main part of your travel.

You can stay in hotels or ecotourism houses in surrounding villages for night.


Day 2

Have a good autumn morning! The first suggestion for today is to visit Rasht bazar and the ceremony of Choob Zani-e Mahi (fish) (a local phrase that implies selling fishes in wholesalers’ market with least price). Soon after you have to leave Rasht for Lahijan.


Lahijan is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran that invites you to peace in relation to nature. It has a public pool in the center of the city. Go there! In the early morning, you see many athletes who are practicing around the pool enjoying the beautiful nature. You can also buy the most famous cookie of Lahijan from nearby shops and it is the best time for purchasing souvenirs.

Take a visit to Sheytan Kuh Waterfall in Lahijan. You can see the whole appearance of the city and its large pool from the top of the Telecabin. Did you know there is a museum namely Tea? You are now close to this museum. This museum has been established next to the mausoleum of Kashef al-Saltaneh, the father of tea in Iran, where the history of this traditional drink is shown.

Leave Lahijan for Langarud. If you did not see Rasht Fish Selling Bazar, Lahijan Bazar is similar to that and is one of the most active bazaars in Gilan.

The Adobe Bridge (Pol-e Kheshti) or Khesht-e Pourd is the most important historical attraction in Langarud. Other suggestions are Langarud lake next to Fajr Park and Baam-e Sabz. If you are interested in the excitement you must experience the sleigh of Lahijan.

Now it is time to leave for the Caspian Sea. Proceed to Chamkhaleh; you will certainly find a good ecotourism house in this city.


Day 3

Today is the day of sea, beach and wetland. After enjoying the beach, move to Kiashahr and find the Bojaq National Park. Bojaq is one of the other international wetlands of Iran that is also known as Kiashahr wetland.  


There are many birds migrating from Siberia to the north of Iran to escape from the cold winters of Russia. This migration is a good opportunity for us to completely watch them. After birdwatching in Bojaq National Park try the local foods of Kiashahr especially the fresh food.

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