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A Journey into the Heart of Iran; Mesr Kavir

A Journey into the Heart of Iran; Mesr Kavir

Jandagh, Khour and Biabanak

Day 1

If you are interested in Kavir and Kavir trekking, this tour is what you want; a different kavir with the proper touristic facilities, ready to welcome you.

The destination is Mesr village! The name itself is enough for adventure and research… (Mesr in Farsi is equal to the name of Egypt!)

Mesr is located 140 kilometers to Jandaq city and if you are in Tehran the best way is the moving to the Asian Road and passing through Semnan. If you come from the northeast of Iran, get yourself to Damghan and then turn to Jandaq.  If you are in Isfahan, you must pass through Naeen, Anarak and Choopanan and continue to the north before Khour and Biabanak.

Access to Mesr village is also possible by ordinary cars and you don’t need to take off-road vehicles in order to trek in the village and its surroundings. There are many facilities for the tourists in Mesr village, from Four-wheel motor to camel and etc.

Tring the pure taste of the local foods, hearing the sound of locals and their memories, sitting around the fire in the heart of the desert and watching the sky of Kavir that is full of the stars redouble the excitement of your travel in the first day!

There are many attractive and proper ecotourism houses in this region ready to serve the passengers and also most of the villagers have equipped their houses for catering the tourists.

A good suggestion for the evening is Khour Salt Lake in which the salty polygons are spectacular. If you are lucky enough to see this place after the rain, you will encounter a great mirror reflecting the picture of a unique evening.


Day 2

The second day will be spent traveling through the high sandhills between two villages of Mesr and Farahzad. Reaching to the green village of Farahzad behind the fluid sands will remain a memorable image in your mind.

Save your time to visit Garmeh village in your return to Mesr and walk in the old texture of the village and its interesting alley gardens to see: the vast palm and pomegranate fields, the mineral water spring in the heart of a red mountain and the fishes kissing your feet! As well as the warm and hospitable people.


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